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Sorry, unfortunately, Lotto Assistant RSA Edition is no longer in our catalog because of its illegal activity.

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Publisher description

Lottery Assistant includes full databases for both the South African National Lotto, and the South African National Lotto Plus, and will include other 49/6 lottery games (NZ,AUS,UK,USA) in future releases. With Lotto Assistant, you will be able to view statistical information as well as number frequency information, hot numbers, cold numbers, due or overdue numbers, when numbers were last drawn, expected frequencies, combination frequencies, etc.Lotto Assistant also included is a advanced number generator, which includes features like odd/even balance, high/low balance, hot/cold numbers, favourite numbers, due numbers, overdue numbers, or you can simply use the quick pick feature, or the template editor which can be used to customize your own combinations. Lotto Assistant is also packed with a easy 3 step update system, which will update the database for you, and when updated, Lotto Assistant can check your saved tickets for you to verify divisional prize winnings. When generating combinations, each generated combination will be rated out of 5 stars, which makes it easy for you to select your combinations.

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